Silicone lamination

Silicone lamination is a technique, where a sheet of acrylic is bonded to the front of a photograph with liquid silicone. The back panel protects and stabilizes the photograph. For the production you should plan at least one week, since the bonding needs several days to set and the picture can only be cut after that.

Aluminum rails in a variety of sizes can be affixed to the back panel as hangers. Minor scratches can later be polished away with acrylic polishing paste.

The acrylic is available in 2, 3 and 4 mm thickness, glossy or matte. You can choose between 2 or 3 mm Dibond® panel, and clear or white acrylic backing.

Example above: glossy acrylic 3mm, Dibond® 3mm, photo paper matt, 10 mm hanging, total weight approx. 8 kg/m2.


Example: acrylic matt 3mm, acrylic white 3mm, photo paper matt, acrylic hanging 6mm, total weight approx. 8 kg/m2.

Further information about suitible papers, margins and processing time you find here.