Museum Board

Museum board is buffered acid free and alkaline, it is therefore a very durable option for archiving of inkjet papers. Due to the material’s flexibility it is especially suited for framing. The picture can even be mounted so that the cardboard on the side remains visible as borders.

2 mm (approx. 1 kg/m2)

Museum Board, chamois/white, archival alkaline buffered, pH-Wert 8,0, maximum size: 100 x 150 cm

Museum Board very flat, white archival alkaline buffered (ANSI 39.48-1992, DIN ISO 9706, DIN 6738), maximum size: 100 x 140 cm

Museum Board photo 2,5 mm, pH-Wert 7,2 (PAT-tested after ANSI IT 9.16), for analogue Barytpaper, maximum size: 100 x 150 cm