Mounting onto panels

How it’s done

We mount your pictures onto different materials (e.g. Dibond®, Aluminum or Museum board). For this purpose, we use acid free water-based film. By using a light table, the picture can be positioned precisely onto the finished panel. Afterwards, the edges will be cut by hand. ▶ Fig. 2


For perfect trimming, it is necessary that the panel is smaller than the motive. At least 1.5 mm for pictures of up to 80 cm and at least 2 mm circumferential for pictures larger than 80 cm. ▶ Fig. 1 The print size of the finished prints often does not correspond to the calculated production size. Larger pictures are often distorted by some millimeters, as a result of the paper feed when printing and/ or expansion due to the ink. Please keep this in mind. We process pictures with a

Your own panels

You can send us your panels for mounting. Please keep in mind that the quality of the surface and edges is important. In case you want to send MDF panels, we recommend they are coated on both sides. We are happy to take the picture measurements together with you. We drill suspension holes into your wood or MDF panels upon request.

Hanging Rails

Aluminum hanging rails will be affixed to laminations with Dibond®, aluminum or Forex® back panels. For laminations with an acrylic back panel, acrylic rails will be affixed.